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Work Camps / Drill Sites

Information on design guidelines and the regulatory framework for the industrial camp sector can be difficult to source. This website provides access to information for this sector of the onsite wastewater industry in Alberta.
Recognizing the challenges listed above, a meeting was held in late summer 2014 with a group of stakeholders involved in the design, fabrication, installation and management of portable prepackaged sewage treatment plants, primarily servicing drill sites and work camps. To protect public health, safety, environment and the industry as a whole these stakeholders have recognized the need for increased industry understanding, accountability and training to develop, design and outline standardized operating criteria for company’s product lines and services within this industry sector.

Work camps and drill site field accommodations that generate less than 25m3/day fall under the regulations of Alberta Municipal Affairs. Larger sites with a residency that generate more than 25m3/day are regulated under the jurisdiction of Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.

This representative group has formed a Steering Committee for the Work Camp Sector under the auspices of the AOWMA’s larger umbrella. The Standard of Practice for private sewage does not adequately address this industry sector. The group will meet every eight weeks with the intention of identifying and developing industry specific standard practices for the design, installation and management of portable prepackaged wastewater treatment equipment.

The Steering Committee had already discussed some of their issues with representatives from Alberta Municipal Affairs and that agency is pleased that the group has asked the AOWMA for support.

In discussions with the Steering Committee, Municipal Affairs indicated that inspectors will be randomly inspecting some of the camps that have been reported as non-compliant during the fall and winter.

The Steering Committee is made up of several volunteer Stake Holders specific to this industry throughout Alberta.  Correspondence with the committee is available by emailing:

You can also contact us via the contact form on the upper right hand side of the contact page.

Lesley Desjardins  

A Work Camps / Drill Sites news feed is available to keep you updated on any current/relevant information to the industry.