Soils Day at Frog Lake

Twenty contractors participated in a site and soils field evaluation day at Frog Lake, AB on Monday, July 20.  Association member, Clarence Faithful provided access to the training site, which allowed the AOWMA to provide a hands-on demonstration opportunity to those wishing to hone their site and soils evaluation skills.

After reviewing the theory and documentation for site evaluation, two test pits were dug.  Participants watched a demonstration of proper evaluation techniques while logging the information provided by the instructor.  Following the demonstration, participants were able to enter the test pits and practice the process of measuring out the horizons and recording the data in each horizon, including hand texturing and structure analysis.  Samples were sent to the lab for verification of texture.

Once the pits were fully examined and logged, the instructor and participants discussed potential system solutions based on the evaluation findings.  This evaluation day will be followed up with a field installation on the same site later on in the installation season.

soils at frog lake 2soils at frog lake









Interested in participating in our next site & soils field evaluation?