Field Workshops

Site & Soils Evaluation

The AOWMA hosted a Site and Soils Field Day in Strathcona County on September 15, 2017.

Stephanie Munn and Daniel Morris led the class through the processes for logging and recording site and soils characteristics per the 2015 Alberta Standard of Practice. This site and soils field training is now required for those wishing to obtain their Certificate of Competency.

AOWMA would like to thank member Darren Pawluk for providing the site and excavation equipment for this training day.  It is only through support of AOWMA members like these that we are able to provide field training.


LFH At-Grade Installation

On September 19, Dale McLure invited members to his jobsite to witness and participate in the installation of an LFH At-Grade System.

The system was already partially constructed, with the exception of one section of the pressure distribution system, which was constructed by the group. Participants were able to witness the application of the woodchip cover in a tightly treed area adjacent to the home under construction.

Dave Dallaire provided an overview of the advanced treatment unit and timed dosing system being utilized in the system.

Thanks to Dale McLure, Sentry Water and Wastewater Solutions, Dave Dallaire, Alberta Wilbert Sales and Aaron Lynch, Infiltrator Water Systems for helping to sponsor this event.