Convention Update

With only a couple of weeks to go, plans for convention are complete. The final schedule is attached to this email. We invite you to read through and inform yourself about what the convention has to offer you this year.

Convention and Trade Shows provide opportunities to learn, see, and share and the 2014 event offers all that and more. The program offers presentations on topics of local, provincial and national interest. Delegates will be updated on key issues affecting the Alberta industry such as enforcement, training and public education. Upcoming changes to the Standard of Practice will be presented and discussed. A design workshop on at-grade systems will be offered.

For women accompanying their spouse to convention, a program entitled Entrepreneuring in Partnership will be available. This program will examine effective mechanisms for women working in the family business.

Additional programs to enhance your business practices and build for succession are also being presented.

The 2014 Convention and Trade Show promises something for every onsite wastewater stakeholder, no matter what stage they are at in the evolution of their business!

Following is a list of topics being presented on:

Thursday, March 6—Septic Summit—8 am to 5 pm

 Current Technologies Provide Environmentally Friendly Options for Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Disposal
 Status of the EPEA Approval Process for Large Systems in Alberta
 Industrial Work Camps/Drill Sites Steering Committee
 Inspection of Operating Sewage Systems Model
 Safety Codes Council and Compliance Monitoring
 CSA B128.3 Testing Protocol Research Project for Wastewater Re-use
 Certification for Pumper/Haulers
 Public Education—Septic Sense Program
 Cluster System Cumulative Impact Review
 Focus on Enforcement—Issues & Mitigation
 Ensuring System Sustainability Through Proper Maintenance

Thursday, March 6—Industrial Work Camps/Drill Sites Open Meeting—3 pm to 5 pm

Thursday, March 6—Trade Show & Technical Sessions—5 pm to 9 pm

Trade Show Opens

Technical Sessions:

 Performance Advantages of the Pro-Flo Aerobic System Treatment Technology
 Trench Safety

Thursday, March 6—Pub Night in the Garden Court—9 pm to midnight

Friday, March 7—2014 Standard of Practice Update—8 am

Friday, March 7—Trade Show and Technical Sessions—9 am to 2 pm

Trade show

Technical Sessions:

 Operation and Maintenance of the Advantex Wastewater System
 Mulch Covering and Applications for At-Grade Systems
 Dose Panels & Timed Dosing
 Proper Bedding of Concrete Septic Tanks

Business Keynote—Build to Last

Friday, March 7—2014 Annual General Meeting—Noon to 1:30 pm

Friday, March 7—5:30 pm to 10:00 pm— Happy Hour followed by Dinner and Entertainment

Saturday, March 8—Main Plenary
 Preserving Our Water Resources
 Towards the Development of a Decentralized Wastewater Management System Framework for Canada
 Nutrient Removal in Critical Watersheds— Be Prepared
 Effects of hydraulic loading rate and filter length on the performance of lateral flow sand filters for on-site wastewater treatment
 Soil considerations within forested boreal settings
 When Systems Fail—Athabasca County
 Alternative Wastewater Disposal Methods
 Remediation and Testing for Wastewater at Municipal Receiving Facilities – Pilot Project, Leduc County
 Sustainable Systems for Growing Communities
 Groundwater Mounding Considerations

Saturday, March 8—Business Stream

Entrepreneuring in Partnership – Workshop – Spouse/Business Partner Program
Grow Your Business With Better Sales Proposals
Women in Business Networking Session
Business Workshop—Build to Last. . . Build to Sell

Sunday, March 9—At-Grade Design Workshop—8:30 am to 3:30 pm

To register contact the AOWMA office at 877.489.7471 or go online to