Convention Proceedings For Alberta

If you are interested in downloading a PDF copy of one of the presentations you saw during the 2013 Convention in Edmonton, please click on the link below.  These files are for your use only and should not be distributed without the consent of the presenter.

Advantex Operation and Preventative Maintenance by Kirk Wimber, Orenco Systems Inc.

At-Grades – The Argument for Removing the Barriers by Angus Chu, University of Calgary

Contamination of Ground and Surface Water from Onsite Systems by Doug Joy

Enforcement & Compliance Protocols and Update by Dean Morin

Greywater Research and Policies by Cate Soroczan

How Onsite Wastewater Research Informs Land Use Planning Policy by Angus Chu, University of Calgary

Introduction to the AX-MAX and AX-Mobile™ Treatment Systems by Orenco Systems Inc.

Inspection of Systems by Alf Durnie, Alberta Municipal Affairs

Maintenance Training by Edward Schloss

Nature’s Way-Using Wetlands as an Alternative to LandSpreading by Chris Kinsley

Onsite Wastewater Systems-Pioneers in Recycling by Jerry Stonebridge

Organic Soil Enrichment—From 0-170m3 in One Day by Curt Kern

Policy on Homeowner Permits by Rob Renschler County of Grande Prairie

Singulair by Norweco

Water Reuse by Sidney Manning

Wastewater Consitutent Tracing in Groundwater by Baseline Water Resources