Convention and Trade Show Information

February 9, 10, 11, 2021
Into the Future: Embrace Change

The AOWMA’s theme for the 2021, “into the future; embrace change’ is a timely one.  Over the past several months, all of us have had to embrace a new way of socializing and doing business.  We challenge you to embrace that change by participating in the virtual format of the 2021 convention and trade show.

While we will not have the ability for in-person networking that is so valuable at the show, we are creating great opportunities for live question and answer periods both in the trade show “hall” and during and after the presentations.

Chat rooms will be available for attendees to post topics on the ‘bulletin board’ and invite discussion.

Vendors will be provided the opportunity to host webinars about their products and services, as well as provide appointments to directly speak with attendees.  Videos, power points and live chat will all be part of the trade show activities.

The convention schedule will provide workshops and educational sessions on practical and technical topics, as well as exploring ongoing wastewater research.

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We invite you Into the Future: Embrace Change!

The AOWMA will be showcasing our exhibitors and sponsors at the upcoming Virtual Trade Show.

22nd Annual Convention and Trade Show

The 2020 AOWMA Convention and Trade Show was held in Red Deer, AB on February 6, 7, & 8, 2020.  Approximately 319 people flowed through the trade show over the course of the event, touring the booths and displays sponsored by our vendors.

The convention program was well attended by the delegates.  For those wishing to review the presentations, the convention proceedings are up on the AOWMA website.

The Annual General Meeting was held during breakfast on Friday, February 7, 2020.  After years of service to the Association Board of Directors, Daniel Morris stepped down as Vice-President.  The Association wishes to thank Daniel for his contributions to the Board.  Daniel will remain involved in other areas of service, such as training.

David Dallaire stepped in as Vice-President, vacating his position of Secretary/Treasurer, which was filled by Jessica Adirika.

This year’s AGM also saw the departure of Director Kirk Miller after several years of service.  Kirk will remain engaged in some Association Committees.  The Association would like to thank Kirk for his many contributions over the years.

Two new Board members joined the team this year.  The Association would like to welcome Jim Screpnek and Jim Wigmore to the Board of Directors.  Jim Screpnek is an Installer from Northern Alberta, while Jim Wigmore is an Installer from Central Alberta.

The 50/50 draw held to raise funds for the Alf Durnie Scholarship Fund was held once again during the banquet.  The draw raised $1,170.00.  Bob Boersema was the winner of the 50/50 draw, and was kind enough to return his share of $585.00 back to the fund.