Changes to the Safety Codes Act – Bill 21

Bill 21 is the legislative document that amends the Safety Codes Act.  Key changes to the Safety Codes Act include the implementation of the Alberta Safety Codes Authority (Authority).  The Authority will become responsible for the open areas in the province early in 2016.  Currently those areas are permitted by a variety of permitting agencies and compliance issues are dealt with by inspectors from Alberta Municipal Affairs.

Bill 21 will ensure that changes to the building and safety codes can be adopted more seamlessly and to improve accountability for permitting and inspection through a more robust fee-for service process.

Another function of Bill 21 is that it supports a change to the regulation, allowing municipalities to set bylaws for the operation and maintenance of private sewage systems.

Bill 21 also outlines the process for issuing warrants for violations under the Safety Codes Act and for administering fines or fees for non-compliance.

More information on Bill 21 and how it impacts the onsite wastewater industry is available online.