Business Program at the AOWMA Convention in February

The AOWMA is pleased to welcome George Gonzo as the facilitator for the business stream at the upcoming convention in Calgary in February 2016.

George provided his expertise to our delegates several years ago and was very well received by those who attended his sessions. George is regarded as a business growth specialist and as such will be addressing industry concerns during his workshop.

In order to ensure that member’s concerns are incorporated into George’s workshop, he is asking for some input. Members can provide an-swers to the questions below and email them to to have their concerns incorporated into George’s presentation. Please provide your responses by mid-December.

1) What is the #1 thing that keeps you awake at night that’s of a major concern.

2) What do you secretly desire or want for your business? (List multiples if necessary).

3) Here’s a question that many business people ask…”If I could just __________________. (fill in the blank).

Example: “If I could just have a steady stream of new customers that have the ability to pay for and put a high value on my services vs. losing business to low-cost competitors.”