AOWMA 2021 Board of Directors

Elections were held at the virtual Annual General Meeting on February 11th. Long-time Director, Kraig Rakowski stepped down after eight years representing the pumper industry. Jessica Adirika resigned from her position as Secretary Treasurer, leaving an open one-year term that was filled by Board member, Nicole Paggett.  We welcome three new Directors to the Board:  Ed Lemke, Shaunna Stevenett and Arnold Groot.

The 2021 Board Of Directors

Clayton Foster – President
David Dallaire – Vice-President
Nicole Paggett – Secretary/Treasurer
Rick Baxter – Director
Bob Boersema – Director
Arnold Groot – Director
Ed Lemke – Director
Jim Screpnek – Director
Shaunna Stevenett – Director
Jim Wigmore – Director