Updated Timeline for New Alberta SOP

The new target for release of the new Standard of Practice has been changed to the month of September. The AOWMA is preparing to develop the curriculum for a series of Standard of Practice Update training events.  Once the new [Read More]

Closer Scrutiny Occurring in Alberta Permit Reviews

Onsite wastewater contractors and safety codes officers are undergoing more intense scrutiny as Alberta Municipal Affairs and the Alberta Safety Codes Authority audit permit applications and closed permits to ensure that the regulations and Standard of Practice are being met. [Read More]

Codes of Conduct

The provincial associations are currently working on policy surrounding member and Board of Director Codes of Conduct. Each member receives a copy of the association Code of Conduct in their membership package yearly, which they should read, sign, and keep [Read More]

Provincial/Federal Job Grants Continue to be Available for Training

The Provincial associations have all been receiving training applicants who are being funded by the various federal/provincial job grants that are currently available.  This is a good opportunity for small businesses to have their employees and even family member employees [Read More]

Soils, Soils, Soils

Proper soils assessment is key to the development of a successful onsite wastewater design.  Mandatory attendance to site and soil field training is part of the training program for Onsite Wastewater Practitioner provided by the associations. Several site and soil [Read More]