January 30, 2018

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Participate in the Business Seminar at Convention!

Rick McLennan of MACINK will provide a business keynote on the importance of strategic and succession planning on February 10, at the convention in Red Deer. Rick’s keynote will cover the following:  “Strategic Planning…why it’s vital for every business regardless [Read More]

Convention Update – January 29, 2018

AOWMA 2018 Convention & Trade Show – Celebrating 20 Years! Only a couple of weeks left.  Are you registered yet? Only a couple of weeks left before the 20th AOWMA Convention and Trade Show. The Association has put together a [Read More]

Nominate Your Favorite Pumper!

Anyone that works in the liquid waste industry can tell you it isn’t the easiest way to make a living. Hug A Pumper is a free initiative to recognize the people in this industry and to show them that their [Read More]

Opinion: What Leonardo Da Vinci Can Teach Us About Water

We can take a page from Leonardo’s relentless curiosity to understand the science of water. After all, 72 pages of the Codex Leicsester, a compilation of Leonardo’s writings, focus primarily on the earth and its waters—730 conclusions about water alone. [Read More]