December 22, 2017

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Nominate Your Favorite Pumper!

Anyone that works in the liquid waste industry can tell you it isn’t the easiest way to make a living. Hug A Pumper is a free initiative to recognize the people in this industry and to show them that their [Read More]

Standard First Aid – with CPR-C-AED

This 2-day course teaches first aid and CPR skills for adults, children and infants that can be applied at home and in the workplace. On successful completion, participants receive a national St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid certificate valid for [Read More]

Member Benefits: Discounted Pricing for Association Events

Did you know that AOWMA members can save over $500.00 in fees for our Onsite Wastewater Practitioner Training course, as well as at least $50.00 for each of our practical training workshops and association members also receive discounted entry fees [Read More]

Alberta Start-Up Provides In Situ Testing for E. coli

University of Alberta researchers are tackling the problem of rural and agricultural water testing by introducing a handheld sensor that can detect E. coli in situ. One of the largest obstacles to decisive action on water quality threats, whether E. [Read More]