What’s the Number 1 Question that many business owners are asking in today’s new “contracted” economy?

There’s more competition than ever before and many of your competitors are desperately trying to get a new customer and willing to do whatever they think it takes to get the business…and that includes cheap pricing!

So here’s the Question:  “What is the most important thing I can do for my business right now to start getting more customers or clients and make more money?”

The reality is simply there isn’t one “magic bullet” that answers this question, but here are four things you MUST do if you want to consistently attract more customers, increase revenue and dominate the competition:

       1)    Create a system. 

If you want to consistently attract your ideal customers and clients, you need to have a reliable, efficient and affordable system in place that will bring them to you like clockwork.

Without a system in place, not only will you throw dollars down the drain by not knowing which marketing strategies to spend your money on, but you’ll waste time trying to figure it out.

When you know exactly which media is most effective and have a plan for what you’ll execute, you’ll be able to predict your costs and you’ll also know what response to expect.  Plus a system set up to attract only ideal customers and clients, will mean you won’t waste your time and resources trying to sell to people who either don’t want or need your product or service, or can’t afford it.

      2) Swipe from proven promotions. 

One of the biggest time and money wasters is creating everything from scratch. Trial and error promotions mean your system isn’t reliable.

Switch to swiping ideas from proven promotions and you’ll be able to accurately predict how many customers or clients you’ll attract each time you create a promotion.

Don’t be reluctant to look at industries that are totally different from yours and see if you can adapt a proven promotion and make it work for your business.

       3) Sell in a competitive vacuum. 

Set your product or service up as the only logical choice for your ideal customer. Learn how to “reset” your ideal client’s buying criteria.

When you create marketing that showcases you in a unique light and unlike your competitors, you not only have a competitive advantage, but you have in built-in price resistance because consumers will see that no one else is providing the value that justifies a higher price.

       4) Be consistent.  

One of the biggest mistakes we see business people make is to run a campaign, get a bunch of business and then wait until they feel they need business again before running another campaign, which is usually too late.

Put your marketing on a proven system that runs continually to enable you to attract a constant flow of new customers and encourage current customers to buy from you more often and refer your business to friends, family and business associates.

Putting a system in place that rewards your ideal customer and uses proven promotions that deliver outstanding value, sells in a competitive vacuum and runs continually, has the power to create a steady stream of new and repeat business and generate predictable positive cash flow every month.

And it will do the same for you, once you put your system in place following these simple steps.

Hey Mikey…this stuff actually works!


George Gonzo