The Seven Steps to Create a System that Generates Cash for Your Business and Increased Customer Loyalty at a Low or even Zero Cost

Generating New /Repeat Business and Increasing Customer Loyalty is a System that you can learn and implement to produce outstanding positive cash flow and bankable results.

It’s no secret that “word-of-mouth” marketing has been shown to be one of the most effective forms of advertising a business both short term and long term.

This is one of the best ways to win potential customer’s confidence and give them the assurance they’ll receive the satisfaction and quality service they’re hoping you will provide.

When your loyal customers do not hesitate to tell others about you, this is something your next customer can believe because they’re hearing it from someone they know and trust.

Traditional advertising is a “hit and miss” proposition because it’s based on a “pay first and maybe benefit later” arrangement with the media (whichever one you choose) with no guarantees and certainly has potentially “high risks” if it doesn’t work.

So rather than spend gobs of money on advertising that may or may not produce the results you’re looking for, why not develop the Seven Steps that are not only powerful and effective, but FREE!

A strategic referral system has been shown to have the potential to increase your business by 100% – 400% with little or no upfront investment from your bank account.

But you have to be willing to spend the time, energy and commitment and take ACTION to IMPLEMENT these Seven Steps:

1. Harvest the best referral sources.

These include customers (past and present), friends, family, business associates, past business partners and business owners who are non-competitive to what you do. Don’t forget community clubs/organizations. When’s the last time you gave a speech to the local Lions, Kiwanis or other service clubs. Your speech/presentation to them is all about how to save money and improve the quality of life for everyone in their homes.

2. Create a “Referral Culture.”

Now that you’ve determined the best sources of referrals, it’s time to create a “Referral System” that is easy to implement and people will be happy to participate in your program. Creating a Referral Culture simply means creating an environment where referrals from others become second nature and a routine part of your relationship. It should not be vague or hard to understand – Ideally it should be in writing so everyone clearly understands what is involved, what the benefits and/or incentives are to participate.

3. Promoting your Referral Program:

Your efforts don’t have to be extensive or cost a lot of money, but they do have to be clearly visible. There are many easy and cost effective ways to do this. One of the best is to look at how many ways you’re currently communicating to current/potential customers. Every printed piece or on-line communication should continually provide ways to make it easy to people to participate and not only benefit from the program but want to tell others about it. And last but not least, Social Media is a free source of promotion that can have a considerable impact and create even greater awareness.

4. How good is your story and how well do you tell it?

The most effective referrals will come from people who are knowledgeable about your business and outstanding service.  And when you educate your customers and potential clients about how your referral program works, and what the benefits are to customers as well as those providing the referrals, you’ve created a win/win scenario for them and your business.

5. Creating System Tools:

If you don’t have the writing skills, engage a professional to create a top 10 list, a white paper, perhaps a DVD (it’s easy), a monthly newsletter or a landing page or web site that clearly explains what you do and how you do it and make it easy for people to refer you to others.

6. Show your appreciation:

In order to be successful and be on-going, create a system that recognizes and shows those participating, that you truly appreciate the referrals they give you. Every time you receive a referral, even if they don’t become a client, thank the person who did the referral and let them know that their trust and loyalty in you is recognized and valuable.

7. Consistency is KEY:

Generating referrals is an ongoing process. Each referral has the potential to produce at least one or more additional referrals.  Done consistently and properly, the word-of-mouth by your satisfied customers will become a cornerstone of your marketing strategy – and there really is very little upfront cost or risk. The Bottom Line – this is one of the most cost-effective ways to take your business to the next level.


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George Gonzo