Announcing the 2018 Board of Directors

The elections at the Annual General Meeting held on Friday, February 9, brought about some changes to the Board of Directors. After eleven years of service to the Board, Charles Hallett stepped down as Secretary/Treasurer and retired from the Board. [Read More]

Thank You For Joining Us For The 20th Annual AOWMA Convention

Despite blowing snow, frigid air and blizzard conditions, just under 300 people attended the trade show and convention or a combination of the events held in Red Deer on February 8, 9 & 10. AOWMA’s vendors put on an excellent [Read More]

Open Forum: Separating the Installer and Designer Designations

Alberta Municipal Affairs is considering splitting the disciplines of Onsite Wastewater Designer and Onsite Wastewater Installer. Currently, those who successfully complete the Onsite Wastewater Practitioner Training Program may apply to Alberta Municipal Affairs for a Certificate of Competency, which allows [Read More]

Nominate Your Favorite Pumper!

Anyone that works in the liquid waste industry can tell you it isn’t the easiest way to make a living. Hug A Pumper is a free initiative to recognize the people in this industry and to show them that their [Read More]

Opinion: What Leonardo Da Vinci Can Teach Us About Water

We can take a page from Leonardo’s relentless curiosity to understand the science of water. After all, 72 pages of the Codex Leicsester, a compilation of Leonardo’s writings, focus primarily on the earth and its waters—730 conclusions about water alone. [Read More]