Member Benefits: Office Supplies Savings

Every company has an office to provide infrastructure to their business and every office uses business supplies. Through a partnership with Staples Advantage/Corporate Express, AOWMA members may take advantage of savings of 60% or more on stationery and shop supplies. [Read More]

Recently Renewed Your Membership?

Keep an eye on your mail box! Membership packages have been sent to our recently renewed AOWMA members. These packages include a welcome letter, membership card, membership certificate, and information about the various discount programs available to AOWMA members, including [Read More]

Septic Sense Homeowner Education

The Septic Sense program has just been completed for the winter 2017 season. Over the past eight weeks, the association has provided homeowner education in 19 locations throughout Alberta. Feedback from the municipal districts and counties who have participated has [Read More]

AOWMA Convention Proceedings

The PowerPoint presentations from the 2017 AOWMA Convention have been uploaded to our website. Those looking for a refresher on the presentations they attended can download copies on our website. Once again we would like to thank everyone who [Read More]

Do you believe your Business is “In the Tank” because of the Economy?

If that’s what you believe – you’re right and it’s not going to change. On the other hand, maybe you can make it change, if you really believe you can! Hold on! This is not another article on the “Power [Read More]