3 Tips to Avoid Heat Exhaustion

The great weather is here, but with warmer sunnier days comes the risk of heat exhaustion, especially if you are busy in the field. Take care of yourself by keeping in mind these tips from Health Canada. Drink plenty of [Read More]

Soils Days – Busby and Bowden

The AOWMA hosted two site and soils field days at the end of June. Stephanie Munn led students in the practice of identifying and logging soils characteristics for the purpose of onsite wastewater system design. Students were shown how to [Read More]

Private Sewage Working Group

A Private Sewage Working Group has been struck under the supervision of the Safety Codes Council. This group will review technology changes relating to private sewage, suggested changes to the Standard of Practice, guidelines for work camps and other regulatory [Read More]

Six Ways To Grow Your Business FAST

This Month, I’d like to give you six ways to help you meet your business goals and help you grow your business faster. We’re already at closing the first 6 months of business for this year, so how are you [Read More]

LFH At-Grade Installation Field Day – Lamont County

AOWMA is hosting an LFH At-Grade Installation in late August/early September in Lamont County. An overview of the at-grade system design and secondary treatment unit will be followed by the installation of the pressure distribution laterals for the at-grade, ensuring [Read More]