Industrial Camps

While the training and regulatory processes for the design and installation of residential and commercial onsite wastewater systems are well entrenched, that is not the case for industrial work camps. Industrial work camps present unique challenges that are not clearly understood outside of the work camp industry sector. Some of these challenges include their remote installations, shortterm durations, and the potential for high strength effluent. There are concerns that without change, an oilfield industry that is not fully informed and accountable to the regulations, in some cases, may choose to ignore the regulations and put public health at risk.

In order to address the different needs of the industrial work camp sector, a steering committee has been formed under the larger umbrella of the Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association (AOWMA). This steering committee will work through the AOWMA to advocate for increased communication between
the industry and regulatory authorities, and targeted training opportunities for industrial work camp contractors.