Gull Lake Soils Day

The AOWMA hosted a Site and Soils Field Day in Gull Lake on May 8.

Under the tutelage of Kent Watson, students spent the morning in the classroom reviewing soils structure, texture and other characteristics prior to heading out into the field.

Students began their work in the field by observing Kent’s demonstration of how to identify and mark soils horizons, how to assess the characteristics of each horizon and how to record that information in a soils log.

Following Kent’s demonstration, students paired up to assess one or more of three test pits dug on the site.

This site and soils field training is now required for those wishing to obtain their Certificate of Competency.

Many thanks to Jim Wigmore for helping set up this soils day and providing the excavation equipment and to Ken Wigmore for providing the site.  It is only through support of AOWMA members like these that we are able to provide field training.

More photos can be found on our Facebook page.