Former AOWMA Secretary/Treasurer Winner of the Sauer Award

AOWMA member Charles Hallett was honoured at the Safety Codes Council Conference in Banff, AB for his volunteer work on be half of the private sewage industry.

Charles received the Sauer Award for Volunteer of the year in recognition of his nine years of volunteer work on the Plumbing Technical Sub-Council. The award was presented to Charles at Safety Codes Council banquet on May 31.

Charles has been a long-time member of the AOWMA, joining in 2005. In 2007 Charles was elected to the AOWMA Board of Directors. Two years later he was nominated to act as the AOWMA representative to the Safety Codes Council’s Plumbing and Technical Sub-Council (PTC). The PTC reviews proposed changes to the plumbing and private sewage regulations and policies. It reviews applications for new products being brought into the province to ensure they meet the requirements under the regulation and acts as a final review point for updates to the Alberta Standard of Practice.

Charles culminated his work on the PTC by chairing the Private Sewage Working Group (PSWG). The PSWG recently reviewed the 2015 Alberta Standard of Practice Handbook prior to final formatting and release.

Charles spent ten years on the AOWMA Board of Directors, two years as a Director and eight years as Secretary/Treasurer.

Congratulations, Charles!