CSA B128.3 Standard for Water Re-use

For the past two years, the AOWMA has been working in partnership with the Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence on the development of a facility to test components to the CSA B128.3 Standard for Water Re-use.

Accreditation for the testing facility has now been achieved from the Standards Council of Canada.  One test pad for this project has already been completed at the EWMCE Gold Bar facility.  This test pad will be utilized to test smaller units while another test pad is being built at the EWMCE Clover Bar facility for the testing of larger systems such as those enclosed in C-cans.  The units being tested are those developed for the treatment of greywater to a higher standard than NSF 40 or BNQ.

Systems that meet the CSA B128.3 Standard would also be able to be utilized in applications where NSF 40 or BNQ accreditation is a requirement.

Alberta Municipal Affairs issued Variance No. VAR-PS50.13  in June 2013.  This variance allowed for the Acceptance of Wastewater Treatment Plants Certified to the CSA B128.3-12 Standard for use in Private Sewage Systems.  This variance will be incorporated into the regulation later this year when the new Standard of Practice is released.

This project has been underwritten by a consortium of donors, who have provided either direct funding or wholesale/preferred pricing of products required to complete the test pads.  AOWMA would like to recognize the following donors and companies for their support of this project:

· Alberta Municipal Affairs · EMCO Corporation Ltd.
· Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation · EMCO Waterworks Ltd.
· Safety Codes Council · Alberta Wilbert Sales Ltd.
· Epcor · Anderson Pump House Ltd.
· Arndt Motor & Pump Service Ltd. · Tanks-a-Lot Ltd.
· Stowell Pumps · Pembina Concrete Products Ltd.
· Aquateck · RH2O
· Frontier Plumbing & Heating Supplies · Polywest Ltd.