Certification Review Committee

A new committee has been formed by Alberta Municipal Affairs to review homeowner complaints regarding non-compliant systems.

Over the past several years, complaints from homeowners regarding failing and non-compliant systems have increased significantly. In order to find a mechanism to address this issue, a committee which includes representation from government and all industry sectors has been struck to review the findings of Alberta Municipal Affairs inspectors following a complaint.

All documentation associated with the system in question is examined as are interview transcripts of all parties involved. The committee then makes recommendations to Alberta Municipal Affairs regarding the situation. Alberta Municipal Affairs then may choose to follow the recommendations of the committee or take an alternate course of action.

Recommendations may focus around remediation of the failed or non-compliant system, additional training requirements, system design reviews, or in extreme cases, administrative penalties.

The committee also reviews applications for Certifications of Competency from contractors who have not been active in the industry for significant periods of time (two or more years) and now wish to re-enter the industry.