New Name for the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (AAMDC)

From the AAMDC/RMA

Dear affiliates,

For 110 years, the AAMDC has made it our mission to ensure the interests of rural Alberta municipalities are effectively represented, that members & business clients get the best products and services at competitive prices, and our partnerships are strong and valued. Over time, we’ve evolved with the changing needs of our Members, Associate Members, & Partners, within Alberta and beyond, to remain relevant and valued to those that we serve and work with.

As we continue to grow, we recognize the importance of having an identity that resonates with our members and partners, and unifies all divisions of our organization. And so, we are excited to re-introduce ourselves as the Rural Municipalities of Alberta, or RMA.

Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA), pronounced “R” “M” “A”

As well AAMDC Aggregated Business Services department has changed to RMA Business Services with the following business lines:

  • RMA Trade, previously AAMDC Trade
  • RMA Insurance, previously Jubilee Insurance Agencies Limited
  • RMA Fuel, previously PFA Canada

Lastly, the AAMDC Advocacy & Communications department has been renamed the RMA External Affairs & Advocacy department.

Welcome to a new era of building strong, vibrant and resilient rural communities – welcome to RMA. We have a short video announcement of our new name & brand – click here to watch.

Our new name makes it easier for people to comprehend what we are and who we represent. It also gives us greater flexibility to grow our influence and expand our business, for the benefit of all members and partners. Most importantly, and this is a biggy… the new name is a whole lot easier to say!

For those interested our new logo represents the landscape of Alberta – mountains, sky, green prairies & forests and a road/path into our future as our member’s roads criss-cross rural Alberta and serve Alberta’s industries and peoples.

On the functional side a new name means additional changes:

This last point is important. Please update the email address of all your previous AAMDC contacts – whether the RMA board or RMA staff team (click on links to view contacts).

Our staff, phone numbers, and office/mailing address stay the same.

In conclusion welcome to the new RMA! Please share this communication with others in your organization as required.


Gerald Rhodes, CLGM, MBA, CAE