2018 Convention Proceedings

PDF copies of the presentations from our 2018 Convention, held in Red Deer, are now available to download.

Large Onsite Wastewater Systems in Alberta by Shane Sparks, SD Consulting

Alberta Safety Codes Authority Permitting and Enforcement in Open Areas by Yvonne Wille, Alberta Safety Codes Authority

Certification Review Committee Industry Enforcement by Rick Baxter and Dean Morin

Municipal Process Development & Initiatives by Nicole Paggett, Park Enterprises

Update on the Consolidation of Alberta’s Land Application Guidelines for Residuals by Dr. Shane Patterson, Alberta Environmental & Parks

Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission Solids Management Code of Practice by Wade Tezeniuk and Danielle Currie, AB Capital Region Wastewater Commission

Onsite Wastewater Systems Under the New Home Warranty Program by Jason Davis, Progressive New Home Warranty

Septic Field Restoration by Mark Reynolds, RCS II Inc

Advantex Wastewater System by Orenco

Onsite & Rapid Testing for E Coli in Water by Amirreza Sohrabi, Roshan Water Solutions

Sizing, Building and Maintaining Grease Traps by Colin Boog, Bionest

Changing the Conversation: Engineered Ecology – Ecomimicry + Urban Development & Design by Patrick Lucy, Aqua-Tex Scientific

Managing Nitrogen in Sensitive Areas by John Buchanan, University of Tennessee

Garbage to Gold – Install One Free System a Year by Colin Boog, Bionest

Private Sewage Working Group Changes in Standards and Technologies by Charles Hallett and Dean Morin

Business Keynote by Rick MacLennan, MACINK

Artificial Sweeteners in Groundwater Indicate Contamination from Septic Systems by John Spoelstra, University of Waterloo

How Water Moves Through Soil – Generation of Lateral Subsurface Flow in Luvisolic Soils by Ivan Whitson, Whitson Inc

Nutrient Removal – The Subject Nobody Wants to Talk About in the Onsite Community by Bryer Manwell, P Eng, Western Water Associates

Improving Septic Tank Performance by Enhancing Anaerobic Digestion by Andy McKinlay, Waterloo Biofilters

Designing and Installing Drip Dispersal Systems by John Buchanan, University of Tenessee

Creating a Permit Application Package by Stephanie Munn, P Ag

Business Workshop Strategic Planning & Business Succession by Rick MacLennan, MACINK

Establishing Wastewater Flow Volumes by Daniel Morris, AOWMA

Gravity & Pressure Distribution Systems by Lanny Laroche, AOWMA